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Griot's Sponsors our wash bays here at The Shop. As a member, you get to use all their incredible products as part of your Premium or Founding level memberships.

At Griot's, passion lives here. We want the very best for cars and the people who love them. For passionate enthusiasts like us, car care is fun. Weekends in the garage are something we look forward to. At Griot's, when we go all-out to develop the best products we do it for ourselves first.


When you visit our space you will notice incredible light hanging in the restaurant space, member lounge space, and our storage areas. The awesome fixtures are provided by LightArt.

Rooted in handmade design, the LightArt studio creates one-of-a-kind chandeliers, sculptural installations, as well as standardized pendants, drums, sconces, and linear fixtures. Our team of experts can tailor our product offerings to match the project-specific needs.

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