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Member Spotlight: Dirk

Our members are passionate about cars and motorcycles, and we love hearing their stories!

Shop Member, Dirk has a need for speed, and raced his Viper ACRX at COTA (Circuit of the Americas Race). This event is a global competition of high performance production racecars, TA3 pits American powerhouse against exotics from across the world. Corvettes and Vipers compete with BMWs and Aston Martins in a production class the pays tribute to Trans Am’s global production racing heritage.

Dirk recaps his experience:

“In a TA3 field of 11 cars finished P4 a half second behind P3, 5 car lengths from a podium. In the second restart with about 10 laps to race I was P6 after giving up two positions due to a TA1 car dragging a plow and pushing me out wide off the track in Turn 1 and I just about drove thru his door on re-entry. After working my way back up thru the field, the 911.2 in P3 was faster in the high speed carousel and thru 19 and 20 but I was faster thru the esses and leading into the back straight.  It was an evenly matched drag race on both straights where I would brake later and gap him coming out – or from behind, close up on his bumper and draft him all thru the esses watching him get loose driving thru his rear view mirror. We finished Viper Comp Coupe, two 991.2 Cup cars, then my Viper ACRX and then the third Cup car. Last race of the season. Used it all.”

Congratulations, Dirk!

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