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[expand title="What is the annual cost?"]

Your Standard Membership will be $150 a month with a one time $500 initiation fee. The Founder’s Club membership is $250 a month with a $2,000 initiation fee. If you decide to purchase a full year’s membership before the opening date, we will waive the initiation fee on either membership.

To park your car, the monthly fee is $230 and motorcycle is $75


[expand title="When will the Opening Special expire? How long are you waiving initiation fees?"]

The opening special is available for a limited time; we will notify newsletter subscribers before it ends.


[expand title="Can you purchase just a parking spot, or do you have to first be a member to purchase a spot?"]

You must be a member to have access to the vehicle storage.


[expand title="What is included in the membership?"]

  • Secure, climate controlled storage at the rate of $200 per car and $75 per motorcycle
  • Use of state-of-the-art tools and equipment
  • Access to in-house washing bays and detailing services
  • Door-to-door pick-up and drop off via covered transport
  • Advanced driving simulator
  • Access to skilled mechanics at 50 percent off the usual shop rate
  • Private card room and entertainment lounge
  • Free access to regularly scheduled member-only classes and events


[expand title="When purchasing a pre paid yearly membership online, when does membership take effect?"]

When signing up for membership, you will be charged at checkout, but your membership begins when you come into the shop to activate it.


[expand title="With the Founder’s Club membership (which offers guaranteed parking for up to 2 cars) is monthly parking still $200 per car?"]

Yes. All members will pay a monthly storage fee of $200 per car and $75 per motorcycle.



[expand title="What type of work will be allowed at The Shop?"]

The Shop will provide the tools and allows the following work to be done on site:

  • Grinding
  • Welding; with certification
  • Painting; only small parts,
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • General Wrenching


[expand title="Is The Shop a place for minor repairs or restorations? Will there be bays for people doing long term work?"]

  • The Shop will be a space where car and motorcycle enthusiast can do minor repairs or full blown restorations-- with the exception of paint. It will be a communal space where you and other members can work on your car, talk shop and enjoy a cold one after at Derby!
  • The monthly storage fee will allow you to store your car while working on a long term project; you just need to be able to roll it in a spot for storage.
  • We will also have a parts storage area for a small fee so you don't have to shuttle them back and forth.


[expand title="Will there be a lift on site, or a place to perform maintenance? Will there be additional charges for using this space?"]

We will have several lifts accessible for members and The Shop experts will help you place the car on the lift for safety. The lifts will be reserved by the hour and are included in the cost of membership.


[expand title="Will it be possible to have an area that the car sits (on jack stands) while I plug away at it?"]

Yes, we have some floor spots where you can work on your car but in an ideal world it would be a roller so we can accommodate as many projects as possible.


[expand title="Are tools provided or do members need to bring their own?"]

The Shop will be equipped with hand tools and machinery to work on a wide variety of cars and motorcycles. Members are encouraged to bring their own tools if they wish. We will have flexible storage for everyone.


Other Questions

[expand title="What are hours of operation?"]

The Shop Hours: Weekdays 10am to 10pm, Weekends 8am-10pm

Derby Hours: Weekdays 11am to 10pm (Happy hour: 3pm-7pm), Weekends 10am-10pm (brunch served).


[expand title="Can I come in for a tour?"]

Yes. See our Tours page for more information


[expand title="How big is the conference space? Will there be an opportunity to host special events?"]

The conference room will comfortably sit 14 at the table and others around the room. We are designing the space to accommodate events of all sizes.


[expand title="I'm looking for ultra-secure parking"]

The SoDo building will be very secure with 24x7 monitored security and video surveillance. There is only one entrance and exit point in and out of the garage which is monitored 24 hours a day. Additionally, only our own certified drivers are allowed to move cars and motorcycles in and out of storage for added security.


[expand title="How does insurance work?"]

You will need to have your own car insurance if you store your car at The Shop. This is no different than any other car storage garage.


[expand title="Job Opportunities"]

Interested in working at The Shop? We are currently looking for qualified mechanics, detail experts, and valets. Send us a resume at


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